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More drought predicted for Texas in 1/14/11 Houston Chronicle story titled "Forecast could hang many out to dry".  It said that currently "all of East Texas and much of South Texas exhibited "extreme" or "severe" drought conditions."  

Drought in 2009 cost Texas $3.6 billion. 

"Perpetual drought". 

How about 100% U.S. reduction by 2020!

Coal plant mornatorium is "the most critical action for saving the planet at this time"  NASA climatologist James Hansen told Congress.  

On March 6th, 2008 about 160 sq. miles of an ice shelf, about 1200 feet thick, broke off Antarctica.  This ice was already floating so this won't make seas go up right away, but it makes it more likely that the rest of the Western Antarctic Ice Shelf (WAIS) will collapse sooner causing 20 to 50 feet of sea level rise. 

Disastrous sea level rises possible this century unless we act now.  The rise could be up to 80 feet according to the August 25 story on Hansen in Toronto Globe and Mail

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Houston Climate Protection Alliance connects folks concerned about catastrophic climate disruption so we can learn together and lead Houston toward climate protection.

Co-Chairs:  Tim Mock 713-662-2879 TimCMock (at)

Dr. Louis Smith 713-528-1104  LCS (at)

Treasurer: Nancy Edwards 713-661-9737 needwards (at)

Nan Hildreth

SPEAKERS AVAILABLE:  There are ongoing talks on climate change issues presented by Tim Mock (free) and others.  If you would like to attend or schedule such a talk, contact him at TimCMock(at)

EXAMPLES:  Does peace require a healthy climate? -- A conversation about climate change and culture, lessons from the past and projections into the future.  Depending on their backgrounds/interests attendees might talk about/watch/listen to ideas from Jared Diamond, Lester Brown, Gwynne Dyer, students of the Royal College of Art, and Wikipedia.  [Already presented to a meeting of the Houston Peace Forum.]

Previously the Peace Forum investigated climate science as presented by James Hansen, Director of NASA's Institute of Space Studies.  His book, Storms of My Grandchildren: The Truth about the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity, is a bit much for a two-hour session but highly recommended for those who have time to read it.  Fortunately, he covered key points of the book in his acceptance speech for the Blue Planet prize, Japan's equivalent of the Nobel.  The talk and images made for an animated conversation.

Those who think they understand the climate problem well enough to spend time evaluating solutions might directly contact Nan Hildreth.  She has done extensive studies on storing carbon in soil and has good presentation materials.

Or contact Nancy Edwards to learn more about what individuals can do.  She has worked with the City of Houston to present courses based on materials like the Low Carbon Diet book.



HCPA generally meets the second Sunday of the month, 1:00 PM (possibly 12:30 summer months) to about 1:30, on the second floor (check Sunday activities sheet at front desk for room assignment) at First Unitarian Universalist Church, 5200 Fannin St. at Southmore.  Speakers talk about new developments in climate science and solutions, and we share the ups and downs of being climate activists.  The meeting includes the church's Climate Action Team, which focuses on how the church community can be part of the solution.  Contact the Secretary or other officer (bottom left) for the latest details.



















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